Welcome to Kasey Abell's Portfolio

Hi, my name is Kasey Abell and this webpage will be a space to showcase my design and marketing experience. I am currently coding this page in my Web Design Class, so as you can see it is not put together yet! Come back in a few months to see the finished website! Thank you so much for your patience, and I hope you come back to my page soon!

Color Photogaph of Kasey Abell, a white young female with blonde hair, smiling at the camera at an ice skating rink. She is wearing a blue sweater with a white dog on it. In the background you can see some other people skating as well as some evergreen trees.

Here is a link to my portfolio Portfolio

Marketing Experience

I am a current junior at Saint Joseph's University pursuing a major in marketing and a minor in graphic design. Here I am going to utilize this space to display my experience in marketing specifically. Below I will list some of my experiences in the field

  1. Vice President of Marketing Hawk Hill Productions
  2. Social Media Marketing Intern, Ies Abroad Rome
  3. Marketing Intern, Philadelphia Fashion Incubator
  4. Fashion Incubator Site

Hawk Hill Productions Marketing

Hawk Hill Productions is the student run programming board at Saint Joseph's University. As Vice President of Marketing, I manage and run all marketing operations for the organization including making flyers for all events, running all social media platforms, and desiging any merchandise or promotional items we may be handing out. Some of my favortire events we have put together include,

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