About Me

Hi There!

Hi! My name is Kasey Abell, and this webpage is a reflection of my work thus far, and allows you to get to know me! As a current junior at Saint Joseph's University studying Marketing and Graphic Design, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on a variety of projects, expanding my skills and knowledge. Throughout my page, you will get to see samples of this work, and learn more about what I have done so far!

As I head into my career my mission is as follows. I believe that Marketing and Branding have the power to represent an organiztion or product's personality, and communicate intentional messages and meaning through creative strategy. As a creative marketer, it is my goal to reach the intended audience with the most meaningful message that appeals to their needs and ideals, and represent an organization that values diversity as well as a work life balance.

This photo depicts a 20 year old girl with blonde hair softly smiling on street while holding a light pink rose. She is standing on a street in paris, and you can see beautiful buildings behind her and a car going past. She is wearing a cream colored cardigan with a black leather jacket over top.

Experience and Resume

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Fun Facts About Me!

Here are some other things about me as a person, outside of being a student, so that you can get to know me a little bit better! I hope you enjoy!

this image depicts a family of three and their white fluffy dog. They are standing on a wooden dock with an open bay behind them. In the distance you can see some other houses and trees on an island. on the left side of the image is a 55 year old woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She is hugging the girl in the middle who has blonde hair and blue eyes and is wearing a teal dress with dark blue flowers. She is holding their white dog. Next to her on the right is a 55 year old man with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a blue shirt and he is hugging the girl in the middle from the right side
This image depicts a mirror selfie of a 20 year old girl with blonde hair up in a bun, wearing a big purple puffy coat. She is holding a digital camera and posing in the mirror of a makeup store. The walls are all a cream ish beige color.
This image depicts a group of 9 girls all wearing striped christmas pajamas sitting on a big beige couch. The wall behind them has a variety of artworks and photos in frames.