Graphic Design Work

The bulk of my graphic design experience has been with Hawk Hill Productions. Hawk Hill Productions is the student run programming board at Saint Joseph's University. We are given roughly a $300k budget per year to plan all of the on and off campus events for our students. We host programming weekly during the semester holding events such as Hawks and Kisses, our Valentine's Day event, to off campus events such as taking students to see The Sixers play or to a Broadway show. I have been a member of the board as a Marketing Chair for the last two years, where my responsibilities included developing the marketing materials for events, such as the flyers you will see displayed below. Just recently, I was promoted to Vice President of Marketing for the organization, where I now run all of our social media accounts as well as manage the two marketing chairs currently on our board, and advise in all promotional material development. Pictured below are some of my favorite designs I have created for HHP, I hope you enjoy!

This image is a flyer promoting an on campus Drag Show event featuring Queen Mo Heart, for Students at Saint Joseph's University. The flyer is very bright and colorful featuring vibrant purples, pinks and greens, with a photo of Mo Heart on the right hand side of the flyer. There is text on the left side of the document outlining the details of the event such as date and time and location. At the bottom of the image there is contact information for Hawk Hill Productions
This image depicts a Flyer for a Cake Decorating  event for students at Saint Joseph's University. The background   is almost a light cream color with Bright Pink lettering that looks almost like icing. There are various cakes and baked goods around the flyer with a main layered cake in the center of the flyer. There is text in the center cake providing information about the event. At the bottome of the flyer is the contact info for HHP.
This image depicts a flyer for a halloween trip to a haunted house. The color scheme is green and purple and there is a cartoon frankenstein in the center of the flyer with text around it.
This flyer is to promote a Valentine's Day event for students called 'Hawks and Kisses'. The background of the flyer is pink and there are purple and darker pink conversation hearts lining the edge of the flyer. There is a pink bear holding a heart in the center of the flyer.
This is a flyer for a bingo event with a purple background and multicolored bingo balls at the bottom of the flyer.
This is a flyer for an ice skating event with a blue background, black text, and white ice skates and snowflakes around the edge of the flyer.
This is a flyer for a coffee day event with a brown background and coffee beans coming down from the upper left hand corner. In the center of the page there is a small white cappucino mug with coffee inside.
This is a flyer for an end of year event titled 'Hawkapalooza' which is a carnival themed event so there is a ferris wheel as well as siouhettes of a barn and farm animals, with a big carnival tent over the entire logo.